Our Story and the Why behind Grace & Organization


During 2018-2019, I had so much going on and I just did not know where/how/when to start, and what/who to prioritize. To give you an idea, these were the things I had to deal with, all during the same timeframe (September 2018 - December 2019): 

  • part-time student at a language school; 
  • full-time worker with requirement to work overtime some weeks (44+ hours); 
  • full-time graduate student; 
  • teaching assistant at my University (i.e., part time job);
  • volunteer; 
  • leader and servant of God at my local church; 
  • studying to pass a French exam which I needed to keep my job; 
  • making time for God to use me and being intentional about spending time with Him;
  • making time for family, friends, mentees, events, etc.; and, 
  • doing background work to kick-start the DNTSTWG Movement.

later in 2019 . . .

Despite my jam-packed year with competing responsibilities and priorities, I still came out victorious and excelled in each of the areas listed above. At the end of 2019, I received several awards and celebrated many victories: 

  • passed my French exam after seven tries;
  • received a promotion at work and secured an indeterminate position; 
  • received a total of three teaching assistant positions from my University and left a positive footprint in the hearts of the professors and students; 
  • received the “Leader of the Year” Award from my church; 
  • received the “Most Dedicated Ministry Worker” Award from my church; 
  • received an award from my Assistant Deputy Minister from work; 
  • received the “Outstanding Contribution as a Volunteer” Award from the Member of Parliament in my riding; 
  • finished my two years Master’s program in one year three months (a semester early), and left a positive footprint in the hearts of my professors, supervisor and classmates;
  • completed the background work required to launch the DNTSTWG Movement; 
  • grew closer to God and was used greatly by Him to bring hope to others; and, 
  • maintained family bond, friendships and formed new relationships.

What this period of my life taught me is that I can have a lot going on and still excel. How was I able to excel in each area despite the workload, responsibilities and competing priorities?

The answer is simple: I was operating under God’s Grace and Organization, hence the name Grace & Organization.

This scripture right here is the answer to how I was able to excel despite the heavy workload:

God gave me the grace I needed for each area of my life and made me abound in every good work.

2 Corinthians 9:8 reads:

And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things, at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work”.

He gave me the grace to learn a new language, the grace to excel at school and finish early; the grace to excel as a worker and get promoted; the grace to serve Him and impact lives; the grace to volunteer and make a difference; the grace to maintain and form new relationships; the grace to spend time with Him; and, the grace to kick-start a project that seemed too tasking.

God gave me all the grace I needed at all times and in every area, and He can do the same for you too.

In addition to God’s Grace, I also got organized by being very intentional about my time (spending time with God, making time for any task at hand, making time for myself, making time for others, etc.); proper planning (giving meaning to each hour of my day, week and month); and, prioritizing (tackling items by order of precedence/priority).

Simply put, “God’s Grace” and “Organization” through intentional planning HELPED ME stay abreast and excel in multiple areas of my life during 2018-2019 amidst the workload, responsibilities and competing priorities that came with that period of my life and I want the same for anybody out there looking to excel in their life regardless of what they have on their plate.

In summary, Grace and Organization is the embodiment of two pieces (God’s Grace and Organization) coming together to ensure that the different facets, priorities and activities of one’s life hold together nicely and to avoid slip offs.

This is my story and this is the why behind Grace & Organization.

Edriam Salter